Periscope for Apple TV

Explore the world through someone else's eyes, on your TV

#4 Product of the DayOctober 30, 2015
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Hey all. I was the designer on this project. Wanted to chime in with a cool story during development. I had taken the device home and was testing. My wife and I were just browsing around, but we ended up finding a broadcast of an Australian Immigration protest. We didn't know much about the politics that were going on, but thought it was interesting. Talked over it a bit and discussed some of what we knew about the issue and the culture. Then we found a SECOND broadcast from what was a COUNTER rally at the same place but embedded with the other ideological side. This was really cool by itself, but the best part was the debate and discussion that my wife and I were able to have about this subject, while watching it unfold(not to mention discussing the comments others were making on the broadcast). This was really special since most Periscope consumption up to this point has been very solo and focused in on my phone. I'm personally excited to have more discoveries and conversations with people I'm sharing a couch with. Hope you guys like it.
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Meerkat made me question the future of TV and movement toward interactive (or participatory, as @benrbn describes it) entertainment. Periscope on Apple TV brings livestreaming into the living room -- which is really interesting -- but I can't remember the last time I turned on my TV.
@rrhoover maybe if you actually went home once in a while. also call your mom.
@thetylerhayes I snap with @shreebobnish instead 👻
This will be interesting when some major event happens and you can switch streams and watch the protest or event unfold.
Just downloaded looking forward to playing with it
Love it when the TV changes personality. With the arrival of new Apple TV, this could be quite interesting. Just like you can search for the "latest episode of House of Cards" using Siri, you can search for "election results in Turkey", with live + recorded Periscope streams next to the search results from YouTube, CNN and others. Brings curated, professional and unprofessional content all to your TV. Wouldn't be surprised if Blab and Meerkat start offering similar apps, and extend to Chromecast and similar devices.