Perfect Tense 2.0

Spelling and grammar correction embedded on your website

Perfect Tense is a real-time spelling and grammar checker that you can put directly on your website. Just add a line of code and Perfect Tense will correct all of your users' mistakes as they type.
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Hi Product Hunt - I’m Alex, Founder of Perfect Tense. Perfect Tense is an intelligent spelling and grammar checker that you can add directly onto your website. When on your site, it provides real-time spelling and grammar suggestions for your users, employees, contractors, friends, enemies, etc. while they type. Some reasons you might want to use Perfect Tense: - You would like your team to use proper spelling and grammar without forcing each person to download an extension. - You want to help your users catch mistakes on your site/app before they hit submit. Do your users a solid and they’ll be happier and stickier. :) - Your site has user-generated content and you want to maintain a quality standard. Perfect Tense is completely free to add on your site and requires only a single line of code. Most people are able to get it up and running in under five minutes. We’d love to get feedback and I’m happy to answer any questions!
How does it defer from Grammarly?
@itsamemarios Hi! With Grammarly, you download it as an extension and you individually choose to use it on all websites that you browse. With Perfect Tense, a website owner will install it on their website so that all users get spelling and grammar correction on that site. So instead of appealing to the individual end user who wants to improve their spelling and grammar, we are appealing to a business or website that wants to improve the spelling and grammar of all of its users. This could be an editor who wants this on their internal CMS, a sales CRM that wants to catch mistakes for all of its users who are sending important sales emails, or a user generated site (like Product Hunt!) that wants to maintain a certain quality standard for posts and comments. So the underlying spelling and grammar correction is similar and the interface has some similarity, but the big difference is who is using it and why. In that sense, we don't really view Grammarly as a competitor - I could easily imagine a scenario where the owner of a website uses Grammarly personally but has Perfect Tense installed on their site for the benefit of their users.
Although we are calling this Perfect Tense 2.0, this could really be considered the 1.0 of what Perfect Tense has evolved into. Perfect Tense was originally launched on Product Hunt as a spelling and grammar API. From lots of conversations with a lot of users, we found that most of the people who wanted an API actually wanted a real-time spelling and grammar correction interface. Although our API allowed for that to be built, we found that the development time for this prevented mass adoption as every single user was faced with the same difficult problem of creating a real-time grammar correction system around our API. With this information, we decided to build a beautiful real-time spelling and grammar correction interface that can be added on any website with a single line of code. So now anyone, regardless of coding experience, can add spelling and grammar correction directly to their website or app for all of their users in under five minutes. We have now finished developing this app and are ready to unleash it to the world :)
Yesterday I searched for an hour on google trying to find something exactly like this. Here it is! Thanks @cardine18
I can see this being so useful! Nice design, too.