Stop reliving the same day over and over

Stop reliving the same day over and over – start tracking and improving your life by checking in with yourself once a week.
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Big fan of the simplicity of this! Quick feedback. The homepage tells little of what the app is about or what to expect. I don't know if this is intentional but I think some highlight + screenshot can increase signup conversion. Many people are sceptical about signing up without having a good idea of what they are signing up for.
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@kehers Thanks Opeyemi! I was honestly going for a bit of mystery, and it seemed to work -- the conversion has been really high. I do appreciate the good feedback, maybe I will A/B test with a more descriptive landing page and see which one plays out best!
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Cute illustrations


Simple and unobtrusive


I'd like to have a way to track incremental goals. e.g., "Go to the gym 3x/week". I might make it 1 or 2 times and would like to track that.

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Thanks Joseph, that's a great feature idea -- will keep in mind!
Hey y'all! 👋 Percent is a goal-setting /goal-keeping app that analyzes your accomplishments and shows you what area of your life (work or personal) is doing best and which area needs more attention. This is how it works: 1). Create the set of those important things you want to make sure you're doing every week (things like working out, socializing, meditating, working on your side project, calling your parents, etc). You can categorize each goal as either Work or Personal. 2). Once a week on Sundays, go to Percent and record a new Week -- you'll check off all the things you were able to do that week. You'll then see what you scored that week for your categories (Work & Personal), as well as your overall completion percentage. 3). After recording a few weeks, you will want to look at your Analytics, which will show you a cool visualization of your percentages over time! You'll see overarching trends, and pinpoint which parts of your life are doing well and which parts need more attention. The idea sprouted from a process I've been doing myself to better track & quantify my personal goals, so I decided to build a beautiful-looking product that open-sourced that process. Please let me know what you all think! Cheers, Nico
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Hi Nico, does Percent send remainders/notifications in order to fulfill my goals ?
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@christian_twizere Hey Christian, thanks for asking -- yes, an email is sent every Sunday to remind users to log their weeks!
Great project! Love the simplicity of the UI and the on-boarding. Awesome illustrations, did you make these on your own? 🙌 Am I right in saying it's kind of like the weekly log from bullet journaling? Can I move uncompleted goals (tasks) to the next week? Looking forward to using it.
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@sammyschuckert Glad you like it Sammy! As for the goals: choose goals you want to accomplish every single week -- things like working out, reading the New Yorker, getting recognized at work, meeting someone new, meditating, working on your side project, calling your parents, etc. This way, each week you will simply be filling out the same set of goals and seeing your variation over time. In other words, they do not go away after you complete them, they come back every week! You can always add, edit delete these goals too, if you change your mind about what you want to measure. I've found that tracking these types of goals is a very efficient way to quantify myself -- I only need to check in with myself once a week, and the data available after a few check-ins starts to show a lot about where I need to improve.
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@nicoglennon1 Oh I see. Thanks for the answer. So it's more like Streaks? :) BTW great to see other IBMers making cool stuff on the side! 🙌
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@sammyschuckert Yes, think about it like that but only check in with yourself once a week. Every day seems excessive to me!
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