Notes, todos, calendar & weather on your new tab

#2 Product of the DayFebruary 15, 2020
PepperTab is a browser extension that will replace the page you see when you open a new tab.
✔️Take notes
✔️Create todos
✔️Google calendar
✔️Favorite websites
✔️Beautiful wallpapers
✔️100% free. No tracking, No data sent to server.
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8 Reviews5.0/5
Thanks @chrismessina for the hunt. Hi Product Hunt, I am Saleel, maker of PepperTab. PepperTab is a simple browser extension that replace your new tab page with useful widgets. You can take Notes, Todos, See Google Calendar events, Get Weather updates right from your new tab. Also comes with inspirational quotes, wallpapers..etc. All data created stays in the browser. You can also encrypt and sync your data using Blockstack blockchain infrastructure.
This is super cool, I can keep track of my daily activities and ToDo list whenever I open a new tab in chrome with this extension. Also I was used PH extension before but now I can get PH with a one click from Pepper tab too.
Thank you @salman_khan3. Glad you like it :-)
@saleel Is there any upcoming features you plan to add or any feature request page ?
@salman57sk1 Yes, planning to add more widgets and allow users to select only the ones they need. Check the poll below. Right now, there is no specific feature request page, but anybody can give feedback or suggestions at
What other widgets would you like to see in PepperTab? (If you can select and add the widgets you need)
News from favorite topics
Currency/Bitcoin rates
Github PRs/Notifications
Others? Add in the comments below
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This is by far the best new tab extension I've seen so far. Would love some customization to the background image, like being able to choose unsplash collections. Adding custom news feeds would be a very nice widget. Like techcrunch's rss feed or hackernews. Thank you very much for building this and making it free ❤️
@ferminrp Thanks a lot for the feedback. Right now you can change the background, but only from a set of selected ones. But I like your idea of choosing an unsplash collection. I will consider it for next release. :-) Other widgets like news are also in the plan. Need to figure out a way to have more widgets without making it cluttered.
@saleel It would be great if we could add APIs for a simple dashboard like does. 😁
@ferminrp I haven't used Will check it out. Thanks
Awesome! Great use of Blockstack. I'm glad that you made it for Firefox too :D It would be nice to see a Product Hunt integration.
@hexandcube Thanks. Glad to see someone who use Blockstack. Thanks for notifying the login error, its fixed now. Product Hunt integration was something I spend some thoughts on. Personally, I was using PH extension for new tab before this. For now, I added PH extension's same web page as one of the default link. So, its only a click away after opening the new tab. Btw, Chrome and Firefox have mostly same APIs for building extensions. If anybody is developing a Chrome extension, they can develop it for Firefox as well with no/little effort.