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All your data in one safe, convenient place


Pensieve lets you search across all your tools from one safe, convenient place, so you’re never wondering whether the sales pitch deck was shared via slack or gmail, or where the latest design doc is kept.

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Dev tools for ML

I’ve been usung it for a month now. It replaced the notes app for me as a way to capture all these information pieces along the work day. Pensieve is fast and flexible to capture unstructured stream of notes and help organizing them.


Simple to use, lightspot that replaces notes and expands to all your external knowledge sources


Integration with mac is not perfect, icon is visible in dock

Cofounder and CTO at Pensieve.ai
Hey Ivan, Thanks for the feedback! The dock icon has been a bit of a thorn in our sides as well. Because we built on Electron we have somewhat less control than if it was an entirely native app. Removing the dock icon would mean removing the ability to switch to Pensieve windows with cmd+tab and would have some other subtle UX effects. It's definitely something we think about though, since we want Pensieve to be as low friction as possible.
Data Infrastructure, Automatic

The memories created in Pensieve itself can be quickly referenced inline and also be pinned for quick, regular lookups. This will be really powerful once the same can be done with content residing in other tools that Pensieve links to.


take quick notes without creating "documents". No need for organization. Easy retrieval


Needs a way to bulk import notes from existing tools like Apple Notes etc.

Co-Founder, StorySeer

I've been using Pensieve regularly for a few months now. The killer feature for me is being able to search all of my online accounts at once. I can never remember if I put something in Google Drive, or if someone shared it with me in email, or if it was in Slack, or in Evernote, or worse if it's somewhere I rarely go on my own but still have an account like Dropbox or OneDrive. So now I can just hit OPT+SPACE and find what I want right away. And because it's now my go-to place for search, I also now use Pensieve directly for quick notes-to-self, instead of Evernote or Slacks to myself or offline text files. It's just a much better way to keep track of everything.

I'm curious to see where they take it next -- seems like it could go in a lot of different directions from here. But as is, it's already very valuable.


#1 Pro: Searching + ACTUALLY FINDING my content wherever it is online. No more searching 7 different places b/c I had no idea where to look.


Can't yet partially-authorize an account, like a specific Evernote notebook, so when I search I sometimes see irrelevant "personal" results.

Cofounder at Pensieve.ai
Thanks Ed! That's good feedback. We're working on letting you select only the Notebooks that are relevant.
director of tech, sequoia capital

The features as they evolve should make this very compelling .. so much data is hard to search past a few days .. and the ability to index everything across all my different production modes is a huge time saver.


A single search through all of my different content stores that actually works is a pretty tremendously useful thing for me. Love it !


No cons yet, excited to see the feature set evolve here !

Avid Flosser

I've been using Pensieve for about a month now, and it is an amazing tool for jotting down quick notes. I am not a very organized person, so the ability to quickly take notes and search them is game changing. I've used other note taking tools before, but they always become a mess for me because the search is not front and center. I use Pensieve for my todo list, funky command line syntax that I can't remember, random thoughts, meeting notes and more!


Taking and searching notes without interrupting my workflow is amazing!


Sometimes I stumble over the UX for creating and editing a new note