Pen plotter map art

Create your own unique pen plotter map art

We have been enabling our customers to create unique maps for about four years now and we thought it was time to take it up a notch by offering a unique print style as well. When we saw the Axidraw mechanical plotter we knew that it was the perfect fit!

Each plot will be live streamed so more people can enjoy the mesmerizing plotter at work.

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Marinó Valdimarsson
Co-founder at Literal Streetart
Hi! We are so excited to share with you the 🖋Pen plotter map art! We have been making custom map posters for quite some time now but were lacking a unique printing style. When we saw the AxiDraw pen plotter we immediately knew what to do. Each map takes around 15-30 minutes to plot and is heavily dependant on how many streets are in the map. On our website you can choose your favorite location and have it plotted with a robot holding a pen! Maybe we should live stream each order... 🤔 Thank you!
Matthías Páll GissurarsonSoftware Engineer, Fronkensteen
@marinopall Yes! A live stream sounds great, this is so mesmerizing!