Your mini mobile mood-board that represents you

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the idea of having one "board" that sums up what you are currently feeling/doing, with a lightweight chat experience around that board is really great.
@fredwilson Thanks Fred. Appreciate it.
Hi folks, I'm Kirk, the co-founder of Pegg. We're really happy to share it with you. I've been obsessed with the idea of creating a social app that was not "feed" based, doesn't commingle content, and most importantly has constraint. I think that combination has amazing power and potential. There really is something different about having your own board to update and curate. You're in control, and you get this sense you're a person not just a "post". Also, I add one more thing - I think Pegg might be the only social app out there where giving out love feels even better than getting it. When you see another board you dig, just swipe up to give it a bump. It’s fun (and addictive) and a totally new interaction. It just feels good to do. I hope you'll check out the app and let us know what you think. Happy to answer any questions.
I've been on Pegg early on, and seen its evolution to mobile. I like its simple but expressive experience.
@wmougayar Thanks William. Appreciate all your support.
It's a fun app, and I really like the Pegg pins. They remind me of the hours I spent in my teens/early 20s thinking about which bands' pins to wear on my bag and jackets. That kind of outward declaration of interests gets a little lost in the morass of social streams and data today.
@mattfogel you hit the nail on the head with that Matt. Exactly what we were going for. Something that gets folks declaring interests and fosters community around interests instead of "friends of friends". Plus they're cool! ;)
Installed the app and played with it for few minutes. Product UI design is great. There may be an issue with user on boarding. recent blog post by Chris saaca to Twitter might give you some clues. If you can minimize user learning of your product, it will tremendously help usability. Can you build your board with content from Twitter, LinkedIn etc?
@sridhar_kondoji yes, the onboarding process def needs work. Any feedback is definitely welcomed. I read Chris' post. Lots of great stuff there. Hard for a 2 to 3 person team. And it's a balance between doing some of that stuff and allowing users to quickly grok your product as you mentioned. Right now you can't import content from other services. It's on the roadmap though. Most importantly thank you very much for taking the time to join. The kind words, and valuable feedback. Means a lot.
@kirklove I can understand. Good luck.