A student feedback and grading platform

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"Peergrade wants to help teachers save time and teach more effectively by letting students grade each other’s work. When students give feedback anonymously and grade their colleague’s work, they also learn. Meanwhile, teachers have a lot less work and can drastically reduce costs — universities can save on average $13,000 a year by replacing teaching assistants with PeerGrade." Looove seeing new edtech companies that empower teachers & students alike to grow and learn at their own pace. Grading my own work in school was always incredibly educational, excited to see this scale to more universities and schools!
@nickabouzeid Hi Nick – thank you so much for hunting us! :)
@malthejorgensen Congratulations on your Demo Day pitch :)
We've been using Pergrade for a couple of courses at our university and it's really working well. It great for doing large scale peer feedback with hundreds of students. Teachers are very happy with it but students can have a hard time understanding why peer feedback is so good for them. But it can have a huge positive impact on learning if done right. Even though feedback is really important in work life it can have a tough time in a university culture where "the right answer" is so important for students (because of the exam). I hope Peergrade can help change this culture to more openness to feedback and dialogue where students think themselves more as teammates working together than "fellow students" or even worse competitors. Peergrade recently added a "Live Session" feature where you can do peer feedback on the spot. Works well. Wish you all good luck @utdiscant and co
Planning to shop this around to the professors I work with this semester!
This is an interesting product. Can the data be output to google sheets or another 3rd party provider or is it all within your own database?
@billy_naveed All the data can be exported to CSV-files.
Worked with David and his team on the accelerator. Great team, super focused and a product that delivers not just peer review but improved learning outcomes.