Exchange 6-second videos with strangers, across the world

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Hey peeqers! SERVER CRASH We (or better to say amazon) had a server crash this Sunday and we have been trying everything to recover the data, but looks like we lost everything from the last 5 weeks. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN NOW? Every user who installed peeq from 1. February to 8. March will not be able to use the peeq App properly anymore. That means peeq requests do not go out, and do not come on. Some users my experience that the "telescope" will not work anymore. THE SOLUTION Simply delete the App and reinstall ist from the AppStore, thats it. Find the download link at We apologize for any inconvenience! Happy peeqing, your Team from peeq App
Interesting, but your "Telescope" seems to show me mostly dudes at any distance. I think that could be a barrier for you. How do you plan to get females to participate in random video sharing at scale, and also not scare off the few females that signed up with an overwhelming number of requests?
@joshbarkin Hey Josh, this is very important indeed, we are working on something in our next version. For this one, you are able to report and/or ignore users that are overwhelming you with requests. Furthermore you will use this App with your real friends as well, and not only with strangers. We have a lot to implement in the future :)
Hey Vincent, glad you like it!! :)