Peel Glass for iPhone 7

The ultimate premium iPhone screen protector

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Although Peel products are very sleek, I've always found them to be lacking in durability. I've had Peel Glass crack from setting my phone face down on a table.
@rjmancuso what happened then? do they replace for free?
@rjmancuso I had the same issue so I stopped buying them
@shawnzvinis They were able to offer me a slight discount the first time it happened. Like @mark_donne, I stopped buying after it happened a second time.
@rjmancuso me too .. both my peel glass cracked within the first week .. the concept is great but making the glass curved might have not been the best idea.
@rjmancuso Same thing with the cases. They stretch out after a couple of months which makes dust go inside. Happened twice to me already. My phone's back antennas are now all scratched. My phone is now safer without any case on. Not buying another one anytime soon.
Peel's products are amazing. I just don't find the need for a screen protector cause the Ion-X glass does a pretty good job. You'd really need some bad ass sandpaper to start scratching it. And this definitely won't protect you against impact damage that much. On the other hand, iPhone 7 screen replacements are now just $29 with Apple Care+ which is well worth it in my opinion.
@stevenlu In fact, I always have trouble with the iPhone's screens. From the iPhone 6S to the 7, I take a real attention to not damage it (carrying it with a microfiber cleaner...) and after two weeks I already have 10 micro scratches on the screen. This is awful! :O
Upgrading to my dad's 6S+ (he hates it) and will be buying my first Peel case for that phone. Have only heard great things.
does this product require the peel case to work?
@_jacksmith I don't think you'd need the case as well. The maker was trying to say it fits in seamlessly with the case.
@_jacksmith actually they recommend u use their case as "others may not fit correctly"
@hgottfried do you have to have a case, or can it work without a case?
All these screen protectors are less protective than the screen they are protecting. So the only thing you do is add a surface that gets scratchier than the screen itself. I've had iPhones since the 2G model. Only had 1 scratch ever, it was from a fall. Got the screen replaced for free.