Peel for iPhone 7

Peel's super thin case, now for iPhone 7

#2 Product of the DaySeptember 16, 2016



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Narendra@scriptstar · Sr. Software Design Engineer
My experience was different. I bought one for my iPhone 6 and it was become a bit saggy and lost the tension with in 4 months. There was a tiny tear happened near the headphone jack even before it become useless. Finally I given up and bought something else in high street.
Rob Bye@robjbye · I build products and companies
@scriptstar Yeah same experience here. The plastic seems to me a tad too thing and low quality to actually retain its shape for more than 3 months. Mine ended up looking like a saran wrap after a while!
Olivier Plante@oplante · CEO, Thingthing Keyboard @thingthingapp
@robjbye @scriptstar personally Spigen Air Skin are WAY better cases ;) - durable and super thin
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Partner
@scriptstar yeh mine came a little loose after 5 months or so... but I bought like 3/4 and just switched them over. Granted this isnt the ideal use-case because you shouldn't need to but I cant stand a dirty case so like having a fresh one as often as possible (within reason - e.g. not my battery case!)
Farbod Saraf@farbodsaraf · Co-founder
@scriptstar This comment thread changed my opinion from buy to skip in 1 sec. The power of reviews! Hope the creators read this thread as well!
Filip Ljubicic@ljubicic · Co-Founder RefME and
@scriptstar yea same, was amazing for the first few months. Felt great and my friends loved but then became saggy as you said. I've gone back to being caseless
Narendra@scriptstar · Sr. Software Design Engineer
@ljubicic yeah same. But I paid extra to deliver it to UK so the pain is more. I am thinking of going caseless too. 👍
Narendra@scriptstar · Sr. Software Design Engineer
@farbodsaraf I am glad that I saved you some money and excruciating pain later. 👍 Hopefully some good karma gone into my account. 🤓
Filip Ljubicic@ljubicic · Co-Founder RefME and
@scriptstar I live in the U.K. to so know the pain :)
@scriptstar Yup. I had the clear case and it expanded enough that dirt would get in it and turn it from clear to gross. Not worth it.
Marshall Haas
@marshal · CEO & Co-Founder, Need/Want
@scriptstar @robjbye @oplante @bentossell @farbodsaraf @ljubicic @cralor Hey guys, co-founder of Peel here. We've been listening to customer feedback and began tweaking our plastics formula a while back. As part of this new case design for iPhone 7 we're releasing the new plastic formula that should cut down on excessive stretching over time. While it's certainly not impossible to stretch out, this new formula is muuuuuch better at holding up over time. We've also been slowly rolling this out to previous case designs as we produce more. Some of our most recent 6s now have this too. Someone from our team will be reaching out to you guys directly soon :-)
Rob Bye@robjbye · I build products and companies
@marshal great news! Love mine before it got a bit loose. Happy to test and review one if you guys are keen - I just ordered an iPhone surfboard/7 plus 🙂
Nicholas Sheriff@nicholassheriff · Founder, Sheriff Ventures
@scriptstar Yeah I fell in loved with this case at first sight, but sadly like the rest it lasted like a month with my iPhone 6 I have 3 other brands though lol they work but don't feel as gorgeous :(. thinking of getting this once I save up enough monopoly money to upgrade to the iPHone 7 I just bought a SE fml.
James Shamenski@gladrobot · Running a small dev shop. Love emoji.
@marshal if it's a new plastic compound, it'd be helpful to communicate that. I'd call it PEEL 2.0 and then all of your past customers would take a second look. On your site, using terms like 'the original' make it seem unchanged rather than blazing a new trail based on feedback from the most critical users on the planet.
Narendra@scriptstar · Sr. Software Design Engineer
@nicholassheriff Hope you speed up your savings for the new one. Best wishes! 👍
Cem Carak@cemedericarak · Entrepreneur - WhatTuDu & PlanItUp
@scriptstar The fact that is so thin is great but does it really protect anything? If it does in your experience, for what? Like on a drop, on a tear, scratch? It is hard to believe it protects shocks.
Chris Scoville@chris_scoville · Developer/Designer
@cemedericarak For my wife's iPhone 6S, this didn't protect against a drop. The phone still broke when the phone was dropped with the case on it. It seems more like it only protects against scratches on the back and sides of the phone.
Ankur Jain@ajonit · Founder, Ajonit Software LLP
@scriptstar have been using a case one luvvitt bought from Amazon . Still going strong after more than a year of rough usage.
Cory Nadilo@corynadilo
@scriptstar I bought a case for the 6s a few months ago. Also became very loose. I emailed Peel and they sent a replacement. Replacement is now very loose. Cannot recommend these.
Rob Bye@robjbye · I build products and companies
@oplante @scriptstar Just ordered one!
Cem Carak@cemedericarak · Entrepreneur - WhatTuDu & PlanItUp
@chris_scoville Yeah that's what I thought. Thanks for the clarification.
Niv DrorHiring@nivo0o0 · Words @ProductHunt & @AngelList
Julie Delanoy@syswarren · Design at Product Hunt
@nivo0o0 This gif 💜
Jack Dweck
@jackdweck · Product Manager at Unroll.Me
Marshall Haas
@marshal · CEO & Co-Founder, Need/Want
Evelynn Mimi Jae@im_mimijae · Freelance sales and marketing consultant
@nivo0o0 This helps answer the question I just asked 🙂
Gabriel Lewis@gabriel__lewis · 🤔
These cases allow Apple's design to shine through 😌 But I'm afraid they'll only protect against scratches. It's a good thing apple changed screen repair cost to $29 with AppleCare 😄
Mitchell Fox@mitchfox · Founder, Shapeshift
The email/video you receive after ordering is worth the $25 alone. Despite the couple of not so great reviews, I'm giving these guys a shot. The logolessness is a huge selling point for me, that spigen logo is fugly!
Marshall Haas
@marshal · CEO & Co-Founder, Need/Want
@mitchfox haha thank you. We had fun making that video.
Sornakumar@sornakumar · Software Developer
@marshal @mitchfox Now I'm curious. Can you share the video? :)
Wojtek Witkowski@pugson · Rayfeed
@mitchfox Be ready to buy a new case after every 3-4 months since they just weirdly stretch out. My antenna bands are now all scratched because of Peel.
Amazon has dozens of products that are exactly the same, in the $5-6 price range.