Peel for iPhone 7

Peel's super thin case, now for iPhone 7

#2 Product of the DaySeptember 16, 2016
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My experience was different. I bought one for my iPhone 6 and it was become a bit saggy and lost the tension with in 4 months. There was a tiny tear happened near the headphone jack even before it become useless. Finally I given up and bought something else in high street.
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@scriptstar Yeah same experience here. The plastic seems to me a tad too thing and low quality to actually retain its shape for more than 3 months. Mine ended up looking like a saran wrap after a while!
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@robjbye @scriptstar personally Spigen Air Skin are WAY better cases ;) - durable and super thin
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@scriptstar yeh mine came a little loose after 5 months or so... but I bought like 3/4 and just switched them over. Granted this isnt the ideal use-case because you shouldn't need to but I cant stand a dirty case so like having a fresh one as often as possible (within reason - e.g. not my battery case!)
@scriptstar This comment thread changed my opinion from buy to skip in 1 sec. The power of reviews! Hope the creators read this thread as well!
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@scriptstar yea same, was amazing for the first few months. Felt great and my friends loved but then became saggy as you said. I've gone back to being caseless
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@nivo0o0 This gif πŸ’œ
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@nivo0o0 This helps answer the question I just asked πŸ™‚
These cases allow Apple's design to shine through 😌 But I'm afraid they'll only protect against scratches. It's a good thing apple changed screen repair cost to $29 with AppleCare πŸ˜„
The email/video you receive after ordering is worth the $25 alone. Despite the couple of not so great reviews, I'm giving these guys a shot. The logolessness is a huge selling point for me, that spigen logo is fugly!
@mitchfox haha thank you. We had fun making that video.
@marshal @mitchfox Now I'm curious. Can you share the video? :)
@mitchfox Be ready to buy a new case after every 3-4 months since they just weirdly stretch out. My antenna bands are now all scratched because of Peel.
Amazon has dozens of products that are exactly the same, in the $5-6 price range.