Peel for iPad

Peel's super thin case design, now for iPad

#5 Product of the DayAugust 26, 2015
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As great as this case looks, I'm confused about what the benefit of using it is. It seems like it has no drop protection. Is it just for scratch protection?
@benwtnb Personally I like them because they improve grip and for scratch protection for the back
@benwtnb I have to agree with Bolivar, it is not so much the drop protection idea more so the fact it does give a better feel to your phone and scratch proof. I've used Peel cases on my iPhones since they launched and will never switch back.
@jamespickens_ @bolivar grip is a good point, the 6+ can be a little tricky. Haven't really felt like scratch protection is necessary since Apple moved away from the metallic back iPods/plastic 3G. Does look nicely unnoticeable though!
@benwtnb I've had a few scratches when I've gone careless especially on the apple logo itself and that drives my OCD nuts. Hope you give them a try
I bought the Peel case for my iPhone months ago. It's fantastic -- super thin, almost unnoticeable. Although it doesn't provide the most protection from a fall, it's enough to avoid scratches and give a little peace of mind.
No branding. Nice!
@evanvar love The Gadget Flow btw
My Peel for iPhone 5 fell apart after 3 weeks of super light use. Hope they've improved.
@juanbuis Sorry to hear that, Juan. Email us -- we'll make up for it:
Great product, I hate bulky cases, would be nice to see more closeups on how thin they are on the landings!