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Joe d'Elia
@joedeliame · Digital product maker
Live chat is driving me crazy!
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Joe d'Elia
@joedeliame · Digital product maker
Thanks for hunting Eric! Hey Everyone, I built peek in to offer better support to anymailfinder.com users, and it made my life incredibly simpler. If you use live chat you can simply use the chrome extension to open with one click your user's screen and point to stuff to them. If you don't, you get a list of active users and you choose the one you want to s… See more
Dilyar Askar
@dilyaraskar · Canadian Entrepreneur pioneering;
What a stellar idea and accomplishment! Product looks solid so far, I suggested some ideas for it and they were enthusiastically accepted. I'm really proud of ya Joe, especially for someone at a young age as you. Keep it up, I hope it gives you the breakthrough to further expand your portfolio ;)
Rick Kats
@rickats · product <3
awesome work guys, congrats on making it work! this will be huge as more and more companies understand the value of "real-time" marketing (trigger based approach)
@swaggaguru · fileship.io
Looks promising, having used Inspectlt in the past I can't express how useful and game changing these tools are to gather organic customer insights about their experience through your site. Joe, you think you could provide a bit of details about the range of technology used here?
Al Mackin
@almackin · Founder
We've found value in using tools like Inspectlet to observe historic sessions, but there's a lag (sometimes hours) between a visitor landing on a site and the video being visible. Love the idea of Peek in, interested in seeing where the team take this.