Peek by Sensay

Peek into real chats happening in messengers

Peek by Sensay opens up all of Sensay’s previous conversations for you to scroll through anytime, on any chat platform Sensay lives on. 👀

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This was the last thing I worked on when at Sensay. So happy to see what the great folks over there have done with it and it's amazingly fun to use! Check it out!
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@danielsing3r thanks Daniel! It was a blast to build and use and showcases the amazing human chats happening everyday on the platform. Thanks for championing this project 👍
Hey ProductHunt, thanks @danielsing3r for the hunt. Last year, Sensay was introduced with a simple value proposition: Ping Sensay with what you need on any Messenger, and you’ll be matched with a useful human to chat. 👥 Three million Sensays later, a pattern has emerged: conversations on Sensay have grown increasingly complex over time; from relationships & breakups, anime, movies, music and travel all the way to making money, learning how to sing, getting healthy, finding a job, hiring developers and even depression or bullying support. This large spectrum of complex one-to-one conversations on Sensay inspired us to open the wealth of knowledge contained to anyone who might wish to consume it, at their own pace, outside of that famous one-to-one context. Today we’re excited to unveil Peek, a new product by Sensay that lets anyone tap into Sensay’s network of knowledge. Peek opens up all of Sensay’s previous conversations for you to scroll through anytime, from any chat platform Sensay lives on. 👀 Our goal for Peek is to keep enabling humans to benefit from availing their knowledge openly. We hope it will motivate new Sensays to join the movement to co-create the future of knowledge sharing, one where we are rewarded for actively and passively sharing our knowledge. 🗣💰 The Peek team is available today on ProductHunt to answer any questions you have and your feedback is hugely appreciated!
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This is great.. like mining for gold that's already been discovered. Nice job, guys!
@johnschenk thanks John-Sensay
I'm assuming you scrub sensitive information?
@evankimbrell Yes, we have a dedicated "scrubbing engine" that rips out phone numbers, email and other sensitive information. It isn't perfect - but getting better training data by the day.