Pear 2.0

Connecting newsletters and advertisers 🍐

Pear 2.0 is a database of email newsletters actively looking to find advertisers.

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I posted a hacked-together, no-code MVP about 6 months ago and the feedback (both positive and “constructive”) has been amazing. Today, I’m excited to share that I’ve teamed up with the rockstar @csaba_kissi to build out a proper web application for Pear! We took a lot of feedback from over 100 early adopters to build this new version that I’m very proud to share with the PH community. Background on the Idea During my time at Product Hunt I did some work on monetizing and growing the daily digest. Since then, I have done similar work on the side with newsletters like Finimize. I created Pear to solve a few problems I see in the marketplace: -Help advertisers find highly targeted, highly engaged audiences. These advertisers can be those with large budgets or small startups looking for ways to gain exposure. -Help scrappy content creators get paid for their hard work. -Help newsletters find other newsletters for growth opportunities through cross-promotion and sweepstakes. How it works: The Pear database contains the direct contact information to those email newsletters actively looking for sponsorship and growth opportunities. For just $6.99 per month you get access to the database, which is continuously growing. I set a lofty goal of 100 million impressions before the end of 2017, but my focus in December shifted to building this new version. Now, I can get back to the goal. Note: 1 impression = 1 subscriber to an onboarded newsletter. Run a newsletter? Want it added to the database? Fill out this form. As always, any and all feedback (on pricing, model, design, my tweets) is appreciated! Let me know if you have any questions.
Hi Andrew, would be great to get a feel for which categories/industries the newsletters fall into. I feel a bit like i'd be shooting in the dark with paying straight from the off without that information. Cheers, Ross
@rossnics Couldn't agree more :)
@rossnics @mayamandic Thank you for your comments. Actually, every newsletter contains information about the industry e.g. Tech, News & Politics, Entertainment etc. I'll talk to Andrew how to improve this.
@csaba_kissi @rossnics Agreed! I’m really interested in advertising in newsletters, but some general/aggregate info upfront, or a free trial on the subscription, would be great. Also, FYI - The how it works section still says it’s $5 per month.
@imakestrides Thank you for your comment. The price has been fixed. When it comes to aggregate info we're currently providing a summary below the header. A total number of impressions, newsletters, avg. open rate and avg. CTR.
@csaba_kissi Ahhh, I only saw 12M impressions because I was on mobile. That's cool, thanks. Maybe you could have Category links below that so someone that's interested could click on Health & Fitness, Productivity, Finance, etc. and see those same stats for their relevant Category?
Go andrew!
Seems pretty cool. Congrats guys ! A trial would be amazing though
Just added my newsletter! Thanks for this!