Peak Productivity Planner

Undated Daily Planner for Productivity & Task Management

The PEAK PRODUCTIVITY PLANNER helps you Get organised, become productive & regain control of your time.
With a complete system for Productivity & Time Management that helps you accomplish big goals, by making consistent daily progress.
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With the Peak Productivity Planner, we tried to create a complete system for Productivity & Time management, that you can adopt in a modular way. That means you can start with just one part of the system and then adopt the more advanced parts as you build momentum. The key focus of this planner is Task management. - It provides a simple system for organising your work. - It that helps you gain clarity over the actions that impact the results you desire, so you can focus daily on those actions and tasks. - It helps you measure your progress towards that desired outcome. ##FAQ 1 The most common question I get asked, is where do I start? Start with a simple habit of Daily planning. 1. What do I want to accomplish today (Results) 2. What must I do to get there (Actions) This simple habit of asking yourself these questions every morning (or the night before) will help you focus on the important things everyday. Do only this for long enough and your output & efficiency will increase. Everything else builds on top of this. ##FAQ 2 Another common question is about the Planner. Do I need a physical planner? It's not the tool, it's the system. Use Trello, Notion, Google docs, notes whatever tool works for you. Just put the habits in place. Focus on the system, not the tools. - Start with a habit of Daily planning - Increase your output with a habit of Weekly Planning - Learn about the Task management system & use it to organise your tasks & projects - Start setting goals and breaking them down into daily & weekly habits and tasks. You don't need any tool to do this. The tools help, but your focus on the habits is how you will see results. You can download the PDF for free, print it and get started NOW. If paper doesn't work for you, use Trello or whatever tool you are comfortable with. Just make sure you take action. Drop your questions below if you have any :) ***** PS: We heard you and we are working on the mobile app (iOS x Android). We are about 4 months away from a stable Beta. Go here to stay updated
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