Turn web pages into PDFs with a single click!

It seems a bit strange to want to PDF web pages, but I could see how it would be useful to be able to archive web pages as PDFs. That's what PDFmyURL does, and it has an API.

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Ivan LucanskyMarketing
It's not 100% accurate. I tried for example Hubspot and several sections of the page was missing. But actually it's a usefull product and I like it :) Cool!

Used it to create a PDF of an entire blog. It was easier than expected - just had to put in the site's url and later I received a link with a download. If I had to do this by hand it would have taken me days.


quick and easy to use


may not work for every site

Product Pearson
Product Manager @ Property4Media
I don't think this works with scripts on pages - making them appear broken in parts.