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PDF2LP is a simple service that allows you to convert PDF files to landing pages.

How it works: 1. You upload PDF 2. It may take from a few seconds to a few minutes to convert the file 3. Enjoy your new landing page! You can connect it to domain or just share the link with your friends.

We’ll host it for free for 7 days.

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Dmitry GorbunovMaker@graciasterminator · Pdf2lp.net
Along with the service we present Producthunt deal - PM to me @graciasterminator with the link to your page and we’ll premiumize it for 3 months for free.
Vishnuᅟ ᅠ@v2s2c · Engineer,Developer,Traveller
Dmitry GorbunovMaker@graciasterminator · Pdf2lp.net
@v2s2c youre smart =)
Ivan Uglov@ivan_uglov
Hmmm.. And how much will I pay after 7 days? -) Seven days, why 7? Because the God create the World during 7 days ?
Dmitry GorbunovMaker@graciasterminator · Pdf2lp.net
@ivan_uglov it will take 5$ for month, 10$ for 3 months and 15$ for 6 months. Quite cheap you know =) Also during producthunt campaign we'll add 3 months to all uploaded pages. About 7 days - we just like that number. 7. It's so cool. isnt it?
Ivan Uglov@ivan_uglov
@graciasterminator I prefer to measure a value of things in the prices of one cup of coffee. 1 cup = 3,5 pounds. By this way, I have to pay ~ 2 cups per month. It isn't bad, I think. And Yes, 7 is good, but I like 3 =).