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Just social networking. No likes/shares/follower counts.


Pden, pronounced Pen, is a decentralized social networking app which encourages thoughtful expressions by creating a space to facilitate responses rather than evoking reactions. Your Thoughts and Social Graph are stored in a decentralized storage system that you own powered by Blockstack's open source software.

Would you recommend this product?

Waiting for the new version were current bugs are resolved


A better app as compared to fb & twitter were we can share our thoughts without knowing the numbers of likes, comments and other elements.


Slow but we can wait for improvement

Product Manager @ Nissan

Looking forward to the enhanced features lined up for the future


Loved the Idea, data privacy concept & decentralization. It has good features minus all the Likes & dislikes, which is a huge relief.


Add more features to attract people. Very few of my friends are on this platform as of now.


Pden is a good social networking substitute to enable meaningful discussions about topics among those who truly care about them without noise. I am thrilled about the potential impact Pden will have on social networking and look forward to its future developments.


Group discussions on same topic in a single space


Looking forward to future developments