A sleek webfont for your favourite payment methods

#2 Product of the DayDecember 25, 2014
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Thanks guys, hope you'll find PaymentFont usefull for your next project. Btw. I've already built a WordPress WooCommerce plugin replacing the Payment method images with PaymentFont icons:
Really nice icons for your payment pages.
Added to my free icons collection:
@AnujAdhiya Nice collection Anuj.
@AnujAdhiya Great collection. I will definitely be using it going forward. Thanks for sharing.
@gizboz1 Glad you think it'll be useful. Cheers!
Very cool. Added to my payments collection @ Any idea how many of these services have brand guidelines that dictate (or strongly discourage) you from using non-approved assets?
@ffumarola Well, tricky question! I've sent emails to all of their Brand/Press departments but hardly received an reply... (5/94 mails) Gonna try it again via Twitter, maybe there they are more "responsive" ;)
@ampoellmann good idea! You should consider reaching out to Klarna, too (I hunted them today).
Inevitable and highly useful icon font. The copy-to-clipboard function on this website is awesome too.
@geoffballington Glad you like it ;) Actually a tricky thing to be built, ZeroClipboard is not quite easy to be implemented the first time.