Sell your digital products direct to your fans and followers

Payhip is an e-commerce platform that enables anyone to sell digital products directly to their fans and followers using just a link. You can simply upload your product, enter the price and start selling on Twitter, Facebook or your own website. Payhip takes care of file storage, payment processing and product delivery to your customers.

Thank you very much @charlieirish for posting this! I'm one of the founders and I'm happy to answer any questions, especially about how we handle EU VAT for sellers.
@absfarah Do you make payouts in £GBP? I am sick of PayPal's currency conversion charge for my Gumroad payments
@j_greig Are you referring to Paypal's cross border fees? If so, I'm not sure it's possible to get round this. Since for a buyer based in Canada buying an ebook using their credit card and paying someone based in the UK, Paypal will add a cross border fee unfortunately.
@absfarah @j_greig Hi! Sahil from Gumroad here. If you email support we'll actually cover the costs of that for you by issuing you a credit.
Talking about Gumroad: how do you plan to differentiate your product? The whole concept feels and even looks the same (rainbow bar on the product page) to me. And why only e-books? Do you have a killer feature that should lure people to Payhip?
@jaapvannes For now our killer feature is the ability to handle the new EU VAT changes completely automatically for our sellers. :-) We've decided to concentrate on ebooks as this is what we started out selling ourselves and we will be introducing and have so in the past specific features for authors.
@jaapvannes @absfarah Hi! Sahil from Gumroad here. We do VAT too now. New killer feature pending? Just kidding! Competition is great for our users.
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