Pay with a Tweet

Sell your product for the price of a tweet

#1 Product of the DayDecember 26, 2014
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I've seen some growth marketers use this service (or similar ones) to promote their products. Does anyone have any experience with this?
@erictwillis It's made by a talented acquaintance of mine @leifthunder, I'm sure he'll be able to fill you in.
@leifthunder @tomlebree Cool. I just sent him a tweet as well. Thanks.
@erictwillis Friend @forestgood used this with the hack.summit() virtual developers conference and I think it worked really well for them... thousands of tweets.
What's up! I'm one of the founders of Pay with a Tweet, hit me up with any questions. Also, pwat got acquired by HanseVentures last year, so I sent a note to Caspar, their COO to answer anything I can't anymore :)
@leifthunder I'm going to use this service next week on a product I'm working on. Will report back on the results.
I've used it before and it's really easy to add to your websites. @Strikingly sites included. The free version is heavily branded (good growth hack) and I have yet to try the premium version. Good hunt.
The app which focuses on one simple thing, which is great, simply get a reward for a tweet. Happy to recommend it at picksaas for those looking for a tool to boost their social sharing.