Create a custom "Pay Me" page in about a minute. Pay-to-publish your page with no recurring or transactional fees. Use your own domain or ours (e.g. and start getting paid.
John Vonroth
  • Pros: 

    1. One time fee(?)


    1. Have to use your own private Stripe key. 2. No integrated Stripe Connect or Paypal. 3. Horrendous privacy policy requirements.

    First off the CMS backend is nothing more than a Wordpress site. There are some nice templates but they are very barebones. Generally, though the idea is sound but the execution is terrible. In this age where we already have fully functional platforms such as GumRoad or even Paypal Pay Me pages, Leeflets Pay Me feels more like a rapid add-on than a market ready system. For example, I spent over 30 minutes trying to figure out how to activate the Pay Me pages until I realized that the template I was using was for books e-commerce. Instead, and very unfriendly user experience, when you are offered the list of templates, you MUST choose the Pay Me template and that one ONLY. You cannot add the Pay Me feature to any other template! Those are simplistic html templates that you can get for free at Weebly and others. But there could have been salvation yet: the product could have been the perfect marriage of Gumroad(payment ease) and Weebly(nice design) and have the best of both worlds. Unfortunately, you will need to give the complete access to your Stripe account. Doing this is borderline suicide as there are so many things that could go wrong. Maker did acknowledge this but we judge not on what it could be but on what it is right now. There was no timeline provided which all in all makes it feel like a quick idea thrown together with no guarantee that it will last. A couple more notes: when accessing the account section, the user is greeted with a bright red "Sorry but {email} is already registered." I had to do a double take to realize that this was my own email but for one second I thought someone had registered under my name! There is also no mention anywhere on any storage or bandwidth limits. So any user is left in the dark as to how this can scale. Would the site be able to accept 1000 users? What about 1M users? Maker was also involved in the Plasso product. This was unceremoniously bought by GoDaddy and then shut down to users. So without SLAs would anyone want to build a service on Leeflets? Lastly, there is a $10 fee AND you have to send over your PASSPORT certified by a solicitor or a bank(yes really!) and a copy of your utility bills. These onerous requirements feel like the company really does not want to deal with any requests which are given by right and by law and places the burden of proof on the user. Normal industry practice would have been to send a request via the same email you used to subscribe! So easy to get collect information but VERY VERY hard to get out. On the other hand, there is no mention of the company's street address in the terms if the USER wants to send a regular mail! So while the user has to send in a utility bill with their address the company does not publish its own and asks that all requests be submitted to a simple email address: Fortunately, I did some digging and the company is registered in Washington State(not Seattle city as claimed) and does have an address in Seattle. This can be found at but I wont put it here for privacy reasons. I feel the maker should have done it. So there you go, another product review, another day. Let's see which other startups catch my eye! I still do think there is potential as perfection is only achieved by repeated iterations!

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I'm not keen on having to give you my Stripe "public" AND "secret" key. Can you explain a little bit on why/how that is a safe thing to do?
@mickc79 Hey Mick ... I went the direct API key route because I'm not skimming off the top of your payments (no transaction fees). Also, this way you don't have to worry about managing Leeflets via Stripe. You can just pop in your keys and go.
@jschuller I hear you - but if I give you my public and secret keys then you have 100% access to my stripe account and could have a field day. I'm sorry but this is a dealbreaker. It's called a secret key for a reason. And even though I'm sure you're honourable - once word gets out that you have a database full of Stripe users "Public" and "Secret" keys then you're painting a bullseye on yourself. I love this product and wish you well but I can't part with my Stripe secret key.
@mickc79 Keys are encrypted, but I hear ya ... stripe connect is on the way. Thanks for your feedback.
@mickc79 @jschuller Completely agree with @mickc79 . @jschuller Stripe Connect is definitely the way to go. Could you ping me once it is up and running? I would recommend you create a ProductHunt Ship page and @rrhoover and his team might help you on this. This way you can gauge interest and have all the early adopters in one mailing list when Stripe Connect is ready to go.
The library of solutions on is growing, and "Pay Me" is the latest in the payments space. As always, there are never any recurring or transactional fees with Leeflets pages. Just pay-to-publish and you're set.
Is this stripe only?
@rogermenhaim For now ... PayPal is on the way. Any other integrations you would be interested in?