Zapier‘s new logic tool lets you build multiple outcomes into one Zap, so you can automate anything you imagine.

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Hey Product Hunt! Today we're launching a brand new conditional logic tool for Zapier called Paths. This was our #1 feature request over the past year—so we’re really excited to release it to the world. Zapier is an app automation platform that helps you get more done with over 1,300 apps you use at work. With Paths, you can route data from one app to multiple outcomes based on rules you set with common business tools like Google Apps, Slack, Trello, MailChimp, and Salesforce. Your automations can make decisions and get things done while you focus on your most important work. Paths work like if/then logic, so you can build smarter workflows that only run steps under certain conditions. No need to write a line of code or duplicate your workflows. This is a big step forward in our mission to save you time by automating tasks at work. With more than 2 million users, companies like Expedia, Dell, and Mixpanel are using Zapier and Paths to automate any business processes they have. Let us know what you think, and what you want to see us build next—our best new features always come from customers. I'll be around throughout the day to answer questions. Wade
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@wadefoster I was waiting for that so long. Thank you guys!
@wadefoster Great job! Please add error condition )
@wadefoster Excellent! Have been waiting for this moment to come 😄
@wadefoster OMG YES!!! I love Zapier and this makes it even more valuable, thanks!

Have been using paths for a while now. Find it super useful when you are using a zapier catch webhook function to start a flow and passing different information (eg, slack buttons) and creating actions based on each of these is super simple in the same zap workflow!


Great for forking workflows or making multiple things happen simultaneously.


Would be great to have an error condition to continue ^_^

Totally agree, error condition is a must!
Will it support parallel paths and external rule engines in the future? Disclaimer: I am BPM engine addicted
Zapier continues to be the secret weapon for SO MANY startups (Zestful included). This takes it to another level. Nice work Wade + Zapier team 👏👏 👏
@matvogels if you are a startup there are cheaper solutions that do same much cheaper.

I love Zapier for it's simplicity and quickly being able to protoype ideas, combining workflows, API's and tools.

After spending time with Zapier in multiple companies, I can clearly state that their business model probably saved us more money than putting all of this on a developer and validating a business idea. It simply rocks!


Next logical step to Zapier's single chain workflow


Might turn of less experienced 'zapierists' since it can turn complicated quickly