Pathfinder is an AI marketing employee for e-commerce stores. Hire it for marketing jobs by turning on "skills". It's the secret weapon that lets small teams compete with big teams. Now ready on Shopify / Magento - early users get first 2 skills for free!
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More info below... MEET THE NEWEST MEMBER OF YOUR MARKETING TEAM Pathfinder is an AI employee that does marketing for us humans. If you are looking for an easier way to increase your sales, this might be it. Simply install our app and Pathfinder will: - Identify opportunities to unlock the “hidden profits” in your business - Design & write emails, web notifications, forms, pop-ups, banners & customer journeys in the style of your brand - Track & report KPIs for all of the above - Come up with suggestions and test new ideas based on results It’s like having a top-class marketing agency working for your business, studying your data, crafting ideas, then implementing and refining them FOR YOU. Pathfinder is any marketing team’s “secret weapon”, and it’s suitable for both small teams who don’t have enough hours in the day, as well as larger teams who want a killer edge over the competition. AUTOMATE MARKETING JOBS BY SETTING UP “SKILLS” You can give marketing jobs to Pathfinder by setting up “skills”. Once a skill is set up, Pathfinder takes full responsibility for the job, designs marketing materials to custom fit your brand, and makes continuous improvements over time. Of course, you’ll always get final say over what goes to market, and you can change anything Pathfinder builds for you. But the idea is Pathfinder will do most of the heavy lifting and save you a bunch of time, money and effort. All that’s left is to run final checks and push live. SKILLS READY NOW: Reduce abandoned checkouts Upsell customers after a purchase Reduce lost customers SKILLS COMING SOON: Acquire new customers Increase customer satisfaction Design seasonal promotions PATHFINDER WORKS FOR FREE We want to empower small teams to compete with big teams, on any budget. That’s why Pathfinder will work for free until it’s proven its value. This means you can “hire” Pathfinder for your first 2 skills free of charge for up to 4k email contacts. If you like what you see and want to set up more skills later, paid plans start from $179 per month depending on the size of your business, and include access to all Pathfinder skills. PROVEN & TESTED While we’re still the new kids on the block, behind closed doors Pathfinder is already helping marketers design and send over 30,000,000 individualised messages per year, driving millions of dollars in revenue for business large and small. It’s the end result of 5.5 years R&D, 18 months of intense BETA testing (during which over 65MM messages were sent) and tens of thousands of man-hours! Our BETA customers include both multinational consumer brands and hustling solopreneurs, with each turning to Pathfinder to make marketing simpler, quicker and more effective. Curious? Create a free account and join them today!

Team are great and super responsive on support issues


Super simple way to start running automated marketing campaigns for your Shopify or Magento store.


Limited channels for marketing other than on site or e-mail.