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Pastel turns any website into an interactive canvas to collect feedback from anyone, without having them log in or install anything. Make your clients happier and your team more productive by letting Pastel guide your feedback session. Create a canvas in under 10 seconds.

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18 Reviews5.0/5

As a UX Consultant, using this tool with both developers and clients has saved me HOURS of billable time because we can get right down to the "PINS" and everyone can see the comments and iterations that have been made or are in progress. Definitely a must-have in the product development cycle.



Hands down, easiest tool for getting feedback on live sites!


None so far.

I was able to get early access to Pastel as part of a distributed product team. One benefit that might not be immediately obvious is how this organizes feedback in a way that saves everyone time.

My previous workflow consisted of a combination of edits being made in Chrome inspect element, and annotating on top of screenshots. Then, a whole bunch of back-and-forths in slack. Searching through slack and cross-referencing who's talking about what exactly is basically impossible at a certain point. Pastel solves this beautifully.


Extremely easy to pick up and use immediately, particularly with remote collaborators with a slight language barrier and non-techy clients.



Suggestion for a future build - would be cool to add searchable tags in comments, for when things get a little out of hand!

We use Pastel to process website feedback and update requests from our customers. It allows our non-technical users to be much more articulate than they would be otherwise. We automatically get screenshots, viewport size, browser information etc. alongside the customer's notes, all in a very organized manner. We previously handled this process with plain emails and I can't imagine going back!


Smooth UX, easy onboarding, user friendly


Haven't encountered anything show-stopping

Our mission is to provide every client with the highest quality service, delivered with exceptional standards of professionalism. Not only does Pastel allow us to achieve this mission, it helps us exceed it. We’ve been helping our clients develop awesome websites for years, but have never really nailed the feedback process. Existing tools were either clunky, slow to onboard users, or required specific browsers or plugins. Pastel nails these features. Setting-up a page takes seconds, Pastel’s interface is clean and simple, and our clients need zero instructions to leave feedback using Pastel. Go ahead and compare competing products like we did; you’ll find that Pastel is the best tool for rapid feedback. Period.


No downloads or plugins necessary, simplest product in its category


I'd love to see an updated dashboard with categorization, sorting, etc.



very cool products



For me as a project manager, who works on multiple websites every day, it becomes really time-consuming to feedback everything via written notes, e-mails or screenshots. Pastel is great and quick because I don’t need to describe the position of each bug or change I want our developers to make. I just add a comment right in the place where I want to change something. The best thing about using Pastel is that it shows info about the browser, device and resolution I was using while typing the comment. That helps our developers to identify the source of the bug easier and faster. Right now I am working on including our clients into the feedback process via Pastel to make it faster for them as well.


- easy to use for everyone

- shows info about browser, device and resolution I was using while typing the comment

- helps fix bugs faster


- none