Quickly copy & paste text or images between devices

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I've seen a few products like this before (e.g. PushBullet, Clips, Scribe, Command-C) but Pasteasy cuts out all the steps by automatically forwarding copied text or photos between devices. I didn't know this was technically possible on iOS.
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@rrhoover The advantage of Pasteasy is that it works via "copy here, paste there" paradigm -- you can paste the copied content to any app or folder on the receiving device without interacting with Pasteasy. Also it works in real-time since it uses local WiFi for speed, so it gives a pleasant user experience.
It's about time there was an easy and sleek solution for this problem. In my opinion, the Paste Easy is the best solution so far.
@awoldes Thank you so much for the vote of confidence and feedback!
Pasteasy is now FREE!! Million thanks to early backers ♥
Epic! I was so sick and tired of airdrop. Hope this solves the issue;)
@eengarde While Pasteasy currently supports real-time copy-paste of text, photos, screenshots and camera shots between devices, you will soon be able to copy-paste files too.
This would be fantastic if it was native to iOS and would be a great fit to Apple's continuity. It's a bit of a hack how this is implemented on iOS - running in background (and checking if paste buffer has changed - I'm guessing). Wonder what the impact on battery life is? If it's negligible, nicely done!
@adamcudworth Pasteasy uses Bluetooth LE and WiFi so the impact on battery life is minimal. Try connecting your iPhone and iPad via Pasteasy and leave them connected overnight -- there is hardly any impact.