HeroGames reviewedPaste by FiftyThreeShow your work. Paste is a new presentation tool for Slack.

This is a good product, not only can be used to make PPT, but also can be used for multi-person collaborative creativity.


But you chose an unreasonable price.The price is crazy.

It's too expensive for me to promote this product in the company.

Your price and pricing model make it impossible for me to promote this product in the company. Because of this new thing, I can't afford to let the company pay for me before proving its value, and I can't afford to pay for that much.

Your price will cause the product to spread.

HeroGames has never used this product.
HeroGames@herogames1986 · GameDesign
The burden of using this product is not great, but I hope the whole team will participate in the use, which is the price I can't afford personally.