Comments on postPaste 2
Pietz Prove
@gopietz · Media Computer Science Student
What a brilliant piece of software this is. Shoutout to Dmitry for giving us this awesome Update for free! It's easy to code a Clipboard Manager and it's not rocket science to create a good one. But the entire execution of Paste is absolutely perfect, making it a textbook example for UX & UI design.
Dmitry Obukhov
@stel2k · Maker of Paste
@gopietz Thanks! I've tried to make Paste looks and feels like a part of the OS, really happy to hear that you like it!
Burak Can
@stel2k i hope that apple don't do what it did with growl, alfred or f.lux @gopietz
Jay Miller
@kjaymiller · Host, Productivity in Tech
@neoberg I think apples spotlight pales in comparison to to the power of Alfred.
Saurabh Kumar Suman
@sksiitb · Head, UX @
@stel2k @gopietz Really, love it! The interface!