A secure password manager for everyone

Passlock is a password manager that securely stores your passwords and personal information in a secure vault. All you have to do is remember your Master Password after let Passlock do the rest.
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Without - importing - app for other platforms It become not useful :/
@daidardi Hello, we have noted "importing from popular password managers" in our TO-DO list, but now we are working on secure cross-platform, after we will focus on secure audit and importing from other password managers.
@aaron00ff00 I’ll check it in the future.. I have got about 100 entry. I don’t want insert one by one.. 😉
I worked on this product, and I think it can helps everyone to have a more secure digital life.
Is there an independent security review? Is there a desktop app for macOS?
@hellotom Hello, Right now we are working on cross-platform that will allow users to get access on desktop. After we will finish cross-platform we will start the independent security review from various security experts. We are a small company and we do our best to improve Passlock.
@hellotom Hello, we have all the features you mentioned noted in our TO-Do list, and we will do our best to add them as fast as we can.
"... for everyone" and there's just an ios app? You should change your slogan.
@dennis_schott At this moment, next update will allow users to use Passlock on different platforms.