Gillian Morris@gillianim · CEO, Hitlist
I don't think I need to explain what Party With A Local does as it's all in the name. Once upon a time I relied on Couchsurfing to find and meet locals while traveling. Now that I live on my smartphone, I'm much more reliant on Party With A Local. It has the same magical feel as Couchsurfing in its early days, with a much more instantaneous feedback loop. … See more
John Tabone@juantabone · Software Engineer @ Tervela
As a native New Yorker whose parents immigrated from Malta, this comment made me smile :D
Dan Fennessy@dan_fennessy · Founder at Party with a Local
@gillianim :-)
Sam Doshi@samir_doshi · Co Founder @
@gillianim -- just checked out hitlist - doing the work for people is a huge value... gonna use that soon!
Gillian Morris@gillianim · CEO, Hitlist
@samir_doshi thanks, glad you like it! Fun fact: we've found that 18% of Hitlist users say they've taken a trip they weren't otherwise planning to take, and 87% of users think they will in the next six months... it really does help get you out the door! And @partywithalocal can help ensure you have fun wherever you land.
Augusto A. da SIlva@kikojiu · Jiu Jitsu Professor
@gillianim I know what you mean...couchsurfing lost its touch. I had a great time as a host/entretainer but not anymore. How can I get the app? I can´t find it on the app store :-(
Trell West@trellwest · Creative
@gillianim I love hitlist!