Particle Electron

Cellular IoT development board with a simple data plan

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Hey Product Hunters! I'm Zach, the CEO of Particle. Last year we launched the Electron on Kickstarter: The product is now available for purchase, and we're excited to see it here on Product Hunt! Our goal with the Electron is to make it as easy as possible to build a product that's connected to a cellular network. Cellular is great because it's just about everywhere, but it's challenging for a number of reasons: the hardware's expensive; data plans for IoT products require long negotiations with carriers; there are painful and expensive regulations and certifications to overcome. We've tried to solve all of these issues with the Electron; the hardware's affordable, the data plan is included, and the hardware is pre-certified. Hope you enjoy, and a few of us from the team will be around today to answer questions as they come up. Thanks!
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Now I can finally make my dream product: Callan's Backyard Solar Tracking Cat Backpack! ..... Oh Damn,
@callan752 there's definitely room in the world for two backyard solar tracking cat backpacks
can't wait to try this out. one of the coolest things to do as a software developer is to be able to connect the real world to the internet. but usually this has to be done by connecting to a local wifi network. that means the product is fairly immobile. @particle does this over cell with a data plan, so developers can make their connected products mobile, allowing for an entirely new set of hacker-friendly use cases. congrats to @zs, @towynlin, @brandoaire, @jenesaisdiq and the rest of the @particle team. can't wait to try this out.
Super cool Ido :) love that ... Sound exciting how many stuff u can create based on the particle electron :)
a few bookmarks on our site with direct links to particle resources.