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This is pretty awesome. Love the video. While I appreciate the 14 day free trial - I wish there was a freemium version for the home (or the bar in my room). Naturally, not being a bar it doesn't make sense for me to pay for it, but think of all the people that have a small bar in their home using it, then going out to bars and showing it to bar owners... I get the feeling it would spread very quickly.
I recently learned that most bartenders spend an hour+ each night measuring and recording their inventory. Partender significantly reduces this time (and presumably provides more accurate results). Super smart. @ryanlawler mentioned it as one of his favorite companies from the recent 500 Startups batch: http://techcrunch.com/2014/02/05...
I learned from co-founder @kundrela that the product idea started when they realized the task took more than 5 hours for a friend. Love how this solves a real paint point for people in small businesses -- would love to see the concept applied to other cases.
Hey all - thanks! Yeah, pretty funny story how we started --> trying to meet up with some girls who were stuck doing inventory until 7AM, and we thought there had to be a better way. And voila! Partender was born. Check out our video here: http://youtu.be/VCyyK4mlbKY Tell your restaurant/bar friends about us and if they sign up and mention you in our "How did you hear about us?" field, we'll send you $100 :)