Parsify Desktop

Extendable calculator for the 21st century ⚡

Parsify Desktop is an extendable calculator for the 21st Century ⚡ It allows you to combine personal notes with math expressions, assignments, converting units and more. Works on Windows, macOS and Linux!
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Works like a charm! Thanks for the student discount!
Love the app. Bought it and enjoy using it.
@vicksu Thanks for the review! Glad you enjoy using it ;)
The link to the mac app is dead Edit: actually all the links to downloads are dead
@vfdraganescu Hi, thanks for letting me know! This should now be fixed :)
@vfdraganescu @dokwadratu it worked, thanks! love the interface btw. You could maybe add an option to make it stay always on top of your screen if you know what I mean. And if it's possible It would look much better if the top, white nav bar with all the close and minimise buttons is removed or changed to match the style of the app. I'm talking about the windows version
@vfdraganescu @pregenun Glad it works now. I will add the "always on top" option today 😀 In terms of the menu bar - I will try and change the appearance of the whole top section of the app soon, so that it looks consistent across operating systems. For now, if you are using Windows 10 - changing the system appearance to dark makes it looks a bit better. Thanks fot the feedback!
👋 Hello everyone! 🚀 I'm extremely happy to show you Parsify Desktop - an extendable text-based calculator. It allows you to write notes, but at the same time evaluate math expressions, convert units, currencies, and much more. ✨ Main features: - Instant answers - Supports math operations, unit & currency conversion and much more - Custom syntax highlighting for better readability - Ability to add custom units & plugins - Cross-platform 💰 While the app itself is free to download, you can also purchase a lifetime license, which activates some exciting additional features, like custom units and plugins. It also supports further development! 🌹 To celebrate the launch, there is a 50% discount on the license (until June 8, so be quick!). 🎁 More information available on 💌 Huge thanks to everyone for your support! If you have any ideas or suggestions, make sure to write them below.
that's really cool! I remember an app very similar (can't remember the name), great to see something like that again :)
oh, numi ( and actually Parsify looks exactly like it, but for Parsify you have to pay 10 dollars, and for numi 0 ;) What's the other difference between numi and Parsify?
@scouech Numi is actually US$24.79 for the full version (unlimited notes, iCloud sync and an "enhanced engine" — not sure what that means) according to Parsify looks an awful lot like Numi... Even the colors are the same. It's great that it's available on Windows though, because Numi isn't! What are the differences though?
@scouech @dokwadratu I see, so pretty similar indeed. Thanks for the chart :) Parsify looks like a great Numi alternative for Windows.