Parsers VC

Real-time VC funds tracking

Parsers VC provides data on investments of venture funds in startups, changes in teams and the latest news of funds in real time.
- daily investment report in real time;
- list of active venture funds;
- list of startups that have just raised the round.
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Hello Hunters, I am glad to show you our real-time VC fund tracking product. We collect information about new startups in the venture capital portfolio, changes in the fund team, all fund news directly from websites, social media pages and other sources. Every day we analyze over 100,000 sources of information and provide our clients with real-time data. Investors can watch how the activity of funds grows every day. Analytics by country, industry, startups and receive real-time information on new deals. You don't need to wait for weekly, monthly or quarterly reports. We provide a report daily, hourly. Startups can find suitable venture capital funds in the region, choose active funds that continue to work in this difficult time. Then contact the venture fund by email, phone, website or social media page. Companies can see startups that have just raised investments and offer the right services, products at the right time. These are the hottest leads. Data aggregators can get full access to a database of venture capitalists, team members, startups, news and daily updates of new deals. We collect 15% more VC deals than Crunchbase and 30% more than Pitchbook. Comparative table of the number of startups in the portfolio of venture funds from providers Parsers VС, Crunchbase, Pitchbook -
This is awesome product. How can I access your API?
@leona_howard Thanks. You can read about our API and request access on our website.
Good job, guys! To the moon! 🚀
@kurpa Thank! Yep, sure :)
Looks great! Good luck with the product :)