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Thanks for checking out our product! WHAT PARLO DOES Parlo offers an enterprise-grade bot platform that facilitates creating intelligent, automated text and voice conversations for businesses. The Parlo Bot Designer, a powerful point-and-click authoring tool, empowers non-developers to create and manage text and voice bots rapidly. Under the hood, it is powered by two key components. 1) Parlo Conversation Flow Engine enables businesses to create engaging, contextual conversations with their customers via messaging 2) Parlo Adapter Foundation allows seamless connectivity to back-end systems WHO SHOULD USE PARLO We built the Parlo platform for companies to effortlessly and rapidly create engaging conversations across all their digital channels. These conversations are powered by text (chatbots) and voice bots operating on existing mobile apps and websites, highly popular messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, and voice activated speakers such as Amazon Alexa. We welcome marketing agencies and tech services firms to use the Parlo platform for creating and managing chatbots for their clients. WHAT PROBLEMS DOES PARLO ADDRESS The main problem we see with building chatbots today is that it requires writing code. And to create a non-trivial chatbot that fully elevates the experience the coding has to cover the following essential items. • Go beyond basic intents • Create a conversation flow • Manage conversation context • Integrate with business back-end systems • Transfer smoothly to humans as needed Parlo offers an out-of-the-box solution that makes it easy to satisfy all of the above requirements with minimal to zero coding. It connects with the best-in-class NLP/AI services from Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM. Additionally, it handles millions of concurrent conversation threads and is e-commerce-ready. Parlo was built by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and former IBM engineers who built similar capabilities at CrossWorlds and IBM. WHY YOU SHOULD USE PARLO Businesses using Parlo will see low cost of development, fast time-to-market, and low ongoing maintenance costs for their chatbots. We recently entered a public beta, and we are accepting requests for free access to a limited number of people. We are always striving to improve the platform and help our customers drive more engaging chatbot experiences. So check us out at and request your free early access. We’ll be here to answer any questions people have! -The Parlo Team!
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Who do you see as your biggest competitors? I haven't seen any other self service chatbot creators connect to FB ads.
@swetzequity, thanks for your question! We see our biggest competitors consisting of firms offering a platform for building non-trivial enterprise-grade bots for businesses. Here at Parlo, our focus is to allow you to create highly functional, intelligent, and flexible experiences through bots as opposed to enabling bots that primarily drive only brand engagement and awareness. In addition to creating FB Messenger ads (JSONs), we differentiate ourselves by enabling bot integrations to back-end software systems and the leading “big 5” NLP/AI frameworks. We are also able to visualize conversations and set chat properties for analytics. Finally, we allow bots to be built on FB Messenger, Websites, and Voice platforms (Alexa). All of this can be done without requiring coding, but we also allow custom code to be inserted for capabilities beyond what is available on the platform. These are all features expected for building chatbots for enterprises, and today there are very few platforms providing this level of functionality. I hope this helps! Ryan
The pricing on this seems insane. For 5k a year I could just hire a dev team to build what I need. Plus website is only available in the Enterprise plan so assuming that cost is higher, I could pay for the development AND the infrastructure and still come out on top. Was excited until I saw the pricing.
@itsthisjustin, thanks for your comment! As a start-up, we always appreciate feedback regarding pricing, and we understand where you’re coming from. That being said, we now include our web messenger SDK and web services API in the brand pricing listed on our site. The value of Parlo shines when you are building intelligent & sophisticated bots. As the skill sets to be incorporated in your bot expands, Parlo will be significantly cheaper than hiring developers to create a one-off chatbot with a sophisticated set of capabilities. Also, there is time value of money as it is much faster to build the bot with the Parlo platform, and a lower cost of maintaining and enhancing the bot. As your bots’ necessary skill set expands, we anticipate Parlo being significantly less costly than hiring developers to create a one-off chatbot with a sophisticated set of capabilities. In the long-run, Parlo provides a lower cost of maintaining, enhancing, and scaling your bots to millions of conversations across multiple platforms. I hope this helps, Ryan
@helmstetler I will definitely include you all in my list of tools I'm currently evaluating for a client! Thanks so much for the speedy response.
@itsthisjustin Happy to help and give you a demo. You can always email me directly: