PAPS Photos Toolbox

We think photoOS - Ultimate bulk photo/video editing tools.

An app continuously delivering a lot of smart cameras, strong parallel bulk photo video editing tool, and multi-purpose utility built with latest imaging tech, AR and Vision AI.

ML-powered OCR, art painting transfer, album cleaner with similarity detection, or EXIF swiper for your everyday private digital life on mobile.

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Taeho Lee
Taeho LeeMaker@gitmerge · 🦅Founding StellarStep, Berlin
Dear, My 101 subscribers, members, PH family who did wait for a long time. 🚀 Today we are introducing "PAPS"! 🏆🏆🏆Featurd on PH! 🏆🏆🏆🔥✨ After long-time hard work including a plan, finally, we could present you the next experience for dealing with Photos. So we would like to call it "photoOS" internally. Some people who know well previously interested in our project, basically we've started it as some strong bulk photo/video processing app, but we did see someplace such with a telescope to see further than our eye. --- And, of course, the exclusive user license is ready for PH members. Please request us yours via or D/PM me. Have a good day/night my product friends in the world. Today for Free, if you interested!
Taeho Lee
Taeho LeeMaker@gitmerge · 🦅Founding StellarStep, Berlin
Hey my PH friends, + New tool was added: MemoCam An AI-powered text info recognization camera tool, MemoCam enables accurately detecting and then extracting/saving every important information such as phone numbers, currency, barcodes, addresses, dates or URLs nearby with your camera, or via pictures already saved in Photos. And then you can make a call, open maps, navigate websites even search flights, and save them all as the contacts or raw text. Detectable formats and supported actions: • Phone Number - Save or numbers or convert into iOS contacts. • E-Mail Address - Send a message. • Address - Open on map • Date - Save as an event into the Calendar. • URL - Open with Browser. • Flight Number - Search for flights with detected numbers. • Plain Text - Translate Your Whole Text • Barcode - Search with A Product Code • Currencies - Find national currencies and some popular cryptocurrencies in the picture. And then search exchange rate. That tool is currently free, so check it out today!
Taeho Lee
Taeho LeeMaker@gitmerge · 🦅Founding StellarStep, Berlin
This is very initial our Siri Shortcuts and functionality combinations. Just imagine, there are infinite possibilities. "Take A Photo." "Take A Live Photo." "Take A Selfie" "Take A Selfie With Live Photo." "Take A GIF." "Take A GIF With Live Photo." "Auto Select on Finder." "Convert the last Live Photo Into GIF' "Convert the last Live Photo Into Video." "Convert the last Video Into Live Photo." "Convert the last Video Into MP4" "Convert the last Video Into GIF"