Papis is a Chrome extension to take notes.

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Hi all, ๐Ÿ–Š We made Papier because we needed a simple, clean, and distraction-free way to take notes in style. Now with the Papier extension for Chrome, just open a new tab and trap your best thoughts. They'll be backed up directly to Chrome: no accounts, no syncing ;) Weโ€™d love to hear your feedback, and answer any questions you may have :) Thanks, Luc -- [EDIT] Thanks to Product Hunt featuring, we've seen a lot of feedback about syncing features. With the team, we've decided to refund all purchase and to make the extension free until we've added syncing options. Rest assured that we'll be back on Product Hunt soon with some great news ๐Ÿ˜˜ โœจ
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@lucchaissac What are your thoughts and experience so far on releasing a paid-for chrome extension, given the majority of the market is free content?
@davepaliwoda Thank you for asking. We took some time to decide which pricing model and platform to choose. At first we didn't even known that it was possible to sell items on the Chrome Store! To be honest, Chrome Store settings for publishers are quite outdated and even sometimes buggy. But the Google Wallet integration is really helpful for payments from Google accounts. So far, we're really happy with the results and the price is seen as a mark of quality :)
@lucchaissac very cool! I love "native" apps that tap into the simplicity of existing applications. Definitely something I'd use if you ported to FF which seems totally doable.
@patrickcoombe thank you :) It's on our new roadmap ;)
@lucchaissac Hi Luc! I really dig this, and started using it right away. Would be cool to have a mobile component. One thing that I think would improve UX is to have a little "Saved" message whenever the cache is updated. It is basically piece of mind and reduces anxiety. I am afraid I am going to loose my notes. What happens if I close the browser. If I have to think about that and maybe I copy & paste into Evernote, that defeats the purpose. I think that can be addressed easily with some smart copy like "All saved. It's ok to close the browser." or "All good. Everything is going to be here when you come back.". Something on that line...
@lucchaissac Looks great, is there any sync/export functionality foreseen with Evernote or similar service?
@asatwork Thank you! We're actually thinking to partner with Evernote and Dropbox for syncing and export. But since we want to keep it as much as possible, it's not an easy thing to find the best solution for the moment :)
@lucchaissac @asatwork I need to upvote the evernote solution - this would make sense if it will connect with evernote otherwise evernote is just an alt+tab away.
Love the idea, but wouldn't pay for it :) by the way, how is it different from a Google Doc?
@jodoron It's more simple, no distractions ;) And we've made some updates, you can read it in my first comment :)
I think Papier looks awesome. The price is a bit steep. Thanks for this awesome extension.
@malikelbay Thank you :)
@lucchaissac @malikelbay I can't find any info on pricing! What am I missing?
@lucchaissac @malikelbay Nevermind. Read the first comment. Late to the party.. thanks for making it free!
Thank you everyone for the warm welcoming and the awesome feedbacks on Papier :-) We are a small tech team based in Bordeaux and we hope to launch new cool apps very soon for you!! Don't forget to follow us here: