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Justin George
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Justin George
Justin GeorgeMaker@smashit99 · PaperOak
Hi. This is Justin from PaperOak. I'd like to announce the release of PaperOak 2.0. The new & improved PaperOak gives you an informative and pleasant reading experience. It comes with a couple of new enhancements, features, and Sources. Introducing "Topics". "Topics" is one of our crowned jewels with a potential to make your life (Reading) much simpler. Here’s how it works, we handpick some of the most important topics across the web and curate them for you. You can follow your favorite Topics and we will personalize your feeds, making it much easier for you to find the articles that you care about. With Topics, you can follow everything from Art to Gadgets, Photography to Health and much more, without the hassle of going through a pile of articles that you really don’t care about. Hope you enjoy this awesome new feature. And for those who haven’t downloaded PaperOak yet, here is a small video to help you along the way. Checkout the YouTube video , below is the link Happy Reading!