Paperform v2

Make beautiful forms in minutes


Product Hunt's most upvoted form builder just got better!

Paperform V2 is a re-think of how we create forms. V2 includes tons of new features like rich emails, spaces, advanced theming, and in-app Zapier integrations, as well as a new design to give a home to the 60 new features released since Paperform launched.

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Technical Consultant

Been using Paperform since I grabbed V1 back in 2016 and it's been fantastic.

The support provided by Diony and the rest of the team is fast and on point.

The help icon providing access to either live chat or an FAQ/guide section to help you learn how to make and customise the forms's all just superb.

One of my favourite features is the logic which allows you to dynamically change the questions shown to the form filler OR...change the page they land on at the end of the form.

Easy to build a professional looking form, very intuitive UI.

When I left typeform back in 2016 I was I'm so glad that I did as Paperform beats it hands down.


Fantastically slick UI

Plenty of settings to fine tune your form's function and appearance

Well supported by the creators


Embedded forms a bit slower than I would like them to be

Slight learning curve, but doesn't every good system have one :)


Been using Paperform for over a year with good results. Respondents liked the design and clarity in form formats. Responsive anywhere it appeared.

It has been an evolving product. I remembered 15 months or so ago it just introduced conditional logic, now it has almost every control features.

I still wish it has direct integration with Google Sheet and other popular services, though. Zapier and webhooks are both good and I'm using them, but it is costly and/or I have to touch the code.


Beautiful and intuitive UI since v1 and a growing feature set. Updates every month. Haven't need to contact support and that's the plus.


Embedded forms are a bit slow. Default font hurts my eyes, but it's 'cause I used non-English typeset; Change to an unicode font will fix.

NJ Events

I am using Paperform for the past two years for collecting feedback after my events. Users love the design and ease of use.


Very good product with lots of templates to get you started right awa.

Innovative team keeps on enhancing Paperfor.

Great customer service.


None, even the price is affordabl.

Digital Marketing Wizard

Powerful app to collect feedback and sell consulting services. So much value for any small business!


Flexibility, Powerful Conditional Logic, Lightning Fast Support!


I still trying to find one.


This is one of the most productive tools I have used in a long time. Making forms is easy; editing is easy and distributing the form is even easier.




I cannot find any at this time.


I recommend it. Keep up the great work, guys!


Easy and funny forms with really powerful features (templates, statistics, etc.)


Embedded forms are a bit slow

Grateful and determined.

Diony and Dean provide 5 star service and a brilliant product. Every time I think its missing a feature they come out it with soon after.


Feature rich AND super easy to use.


Embed load can be a tiny bit slow but I have rediculous standards.

Data Roads Foundation, Founding Director

Developing a couple of MVP projects with Paperform as the primary data entry.


Easy to create forms with fairly complex logic.

Some pre-filled field webhooks available.


Hard to automate creation of dynamic forms based on templates and user-defined values.

I have been using Paperform for more than a year, it is one of the core tools I use to run my business. I create beautiful forms in no time where my conversation rate increases dramatically since started using Paperform. Also I can view people who started filling forms but did not complete their submission. Analytics are beautiful and informative too. Highly recommended tool


Easy to use and beautiful.

Also support team is very responsive

Rich logic



Been a user for a couple of years, since it first went into beta - loved it then and still do. So many possible uses, beyond simple forms.


Slick professional user interface, even better with V2. Feature rich. Outstanding support and very accomodating of special requests.


Embedded forms take a bit to load, as others have commented. That's really the only one and hopefully can be improved soon.

Product Person

Can't love this product any more. Ok, I can, if it directly let you work with its API, it would save you a ton of cost in Zapier. The deal is this. You likely want to use Paperform to collect a ton of data (polls, emails, etc.) and then forward that to somewhere else. What makes that problematic is then you integrate Zapier and the costs per "Task" per month over there really starts adding up. Soon you realize your beautiful automation solution is quite expensive (not to mention convoluted). So being able to code against Paperform yourself would save you from paying Zapier, but how much that hurts your wallet depends on your use case.

The other thing is the styling is great, but limited in important areas. The "Active" color is tied to form field text as well as the submit button. This can be problematic for brighter colors. It doesn't stand out well against the white form input background. Then custom success pages link colors can't be adjusted either (same active color) so you're a bit stuck.

IF they were to provide API access and more (not even a lot more, just a little) CSS customization...This service would be perfect.




Most integrations require Zapier (additional cost)