The nicest writing app for your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

· Gorgeous plain-text writing environment
· Silky-smooth typing experience
· Highly customizable
· Minimal Markdown formatting
· Syncs with iCloud
· Previews in Marked 2
· Publishes drafts to Medium/Wordpress/Ghost
· Exports to PDF/HTML/RTF/Clipboard
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Can anyone explain me this “minimalistic markdown editor” phenomena? There are literally a tonne of them. Is there a secret tradition in Objective-C/Swift developers community to release yet another personal implementation of that kind of app? Is it some kind of a local joke? What brand new unique feature introduces that app? What authors of dozens other similar apps forgot to put in their offsprings? What kind of fatal flaw this exact app supposes to solve? References: - - -
@metaword See also: color swatch organizers.
@metaword You beat me to the punch. Nowadays, when I see markdown editor, I look for the same cliches along with the reaction on my part, "uh what am I missing, here?"
@metaword maybe it's a way to learn programming? Maybe the developers are trying to scratch their own particular itch? Maybe it's an easy category to sell into because so much of the infrastructure to make apps like this already exists? But yeah, I had the same question.
@metaword I think the to do list app space was overcrowded.
Not to be confused with Dropbox Paper or anything...
@chrismessina ..or Fifty-Three's Paper app
@chrismessina Or actual paper?
@chrismessina or Facebook's Paper (RIP)
Looks like what Byword ( is doing for years.
Tab doesn't seem to work...
While it's true that there are TONS of similar products out there, Paper is actually my favorite writing app on my mac. Great color scheme in dark mode, extremely minimal interface looks especially great fullscreen, and the ability to focus on one line at a time that stays in the center of the screen (typewriter mode) make it the best editor out there, at least for me.