Pantry Check

Reduce food waste, simplify your shopping, save money

Manage grocery and household inventory with focus on simplicity and ease of use. Pantry Check learns from the user community and can predict expiration dates and prices, send reminders, auto-generate shopping lists and more.
Pantry Check came out of the frustration with my own food waste. I desire a very simple and visual way to track the inventory and automate all the tasks around monitoring expiration dates, generating and executing a shopping list, keeping track of budget, etc. The ultimate goal is to develop a virtual butler to manage all aspects of the household with the power of understanding the user community, the supply chain, logistics, predict prices, availability, needs, understand tastes, enable discovery and recommendations and more.
This needs to become a food purchase tracker like tripit allows you to track flights by ingesting online ordering receipts (good eggs amazon, etc) and OCR paper receipts.
@alexgiess thank you for the input, definitely something to add to automate some of the tracking! The way I think about the Pantry Check service is two parts - user effort (inventory tracking) and then user value - so we want to minimize the user effort, ideally automating everything, and then also keep adding to the value part with new and improved services. For the ingestion part, we would probably prioritize tapping into the loyalty programs of the large grocery chains first and later looking into the e-receipts. As for the OCR, we have actually found that for users of the shopping list feature of Pantry Check that's not a big value add, but for users that don't actively use the feature it could be a big save on time... so definitely on the TODO list.