Find professional photos of you taken at public events

Panorist is a social network for photographers to share photos of unknown people in the streets doing wonderful things, and the subjects will have a chance to get that photo
. We offer photo sharing, searching and acquisition based in date and location.
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Great product! Would love if you could filter events by uploading and verifying a photo of yourself.
@lachlankirkwood We're currently developing our facial recognition feature and will launch asap
@ilton_carmona_de_souza Looking forward to following the project 👍
Hi, I would be very glad if you could take a time to check our platform, and give us a feedback. All comments are welcome :)
We´d like to know how important is to develop an android version:
Must develop now!
You can wait. The chrome version is responsive enough.
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@iltoncarmona I have a Xiamoi Mi9 - would really like an app rather than browsing on my phone!