Display beautifully simple analytics on your Apple TV

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We decided to build this at @grouper, because getting key metrics on the wall has already been such a pain. This makes it super easy. We have chromeboxes and Mac mini's hooked up to TV's, but they require keyboards or other awkward input devices, and always turn off, lose Internet, etc. We built this for the brand new tvOS and it's really cool! It works out of the box with Google Analytics, Stripe, Mixpanel, and more. The idea is just to be able to display your most important graph as easily as possible. You can also open with Siri, like "Open Panel," which is pretty rad. Let me know if you have any feedback or feature requests! Also, we love Product Hunt, and we're offering 50% off your first 3 months of premium plans to PH
@wxmn how intricate can the dashboards be? Also can there be multiple segments on one screen or would it have to transition to a different screen for each diff graph?
@bentossell @wxmn For right now it's just one graph per screen (but we include a time-over-time graph, e.g. this week's graph against last week's graph), but we might add the ability to view multiple graphs on one screen. We like the focus of one graph at a time, but happy to hear suggestions of what sort of layout you might like for multiple graphs!
@wxmn what are the differences between the plans? Update: Found my answer
@wxmn yeah I think it would be cool to be able to have more than one graph on the screen... especially if you have a BIIIIIG screen :) I used to work at sprinklr and they set up these "Command Center" on TVs for clients to showcase in their reception areas etc... It may be too busy for what you are going for but here is an example:
Hey @rrhoover do you guys have metrics up on the wall at PH HQ? If so, what do you use? :)
@wxmn sharpie's + paper ;)
@bentossell @wxmn that worked for Airbnb, so I can't knock it :)
It works smooth and really nicely! Well done! And cool names of the pricing.
Any interest in adding an Australian payment gateway?
The App Store button opens the page in a new tab on Chrome, can't get to the app.
@lovskogen Thanks for the heads up! Currently Apple doesn't provide a way to remotely install apps on the Apple TV, so you'll need to download from the app store directly on the device.
@lovskogen Apple doesn't actually provide web App Store URL's for tvOS apps... you have to search for it on your Apple TV. This makes sense, but kind of got us by surprise too. We're going to remove the anchor tag to make it more clear how to get the app. Thanks for the feedback!