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Say it with Pandora — Send and receive songs in iMessage

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Hey Product Hunt 👋🏻. Pandora for iMessage is an extension that we built into the Pandora iOS app. With it you can share your currently playing song, choose from some curated suggestions, or search for whatever you want without leaving iMessage. Your friends can listen to a sample of the song right in place and start a Pandora station if they want to hear more. As a bonus we've baked in a sticker pack for reacting to shares or endorsing your own. We're big fans of the platform Apple's built here and think this will be a natural way for users to express themselves in conversation through music. Give it a try!
Noot Noot
Love Chance. Idk about "Jam Alert" tho, is that what the kids are saying nowadays? ....
Hey Jason, I noticed that when I was sharing a song it would automatically play a preview of the song. Love sharing songs in messages, but autoplay ... not so much.
@noahtovares Hey Noah, thanks for trying out the app, and thanks for the feedback! We like allowing the user to preview what they're about to share, but agree it would be a nice improvement to make this a choice, so you can also jump right to share if you prefer. We'll keep this in mind as we plan upcoming versions.