Collect the content your co-workers have shared with you.

Pandora is a productivity tool made for people using Slack and Gmail.
💻Pandora is made for your mac
📄Browse your document history by file type
⚡️Use your keyboard shortcuts to be faster
💪🏼Be more productive on day 1
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10 Reviews5.0/5
Hey product hunters, I am really excited to share early access to Pandora, just for the Product Hunt community. Pandora is the best way to find content your co-workers and friends have shared with you on Slack and Gmail. Within reach of a shortcut you can find in seconds what has been shared with you in the past. The app was thought and designed with Alexis de Conninck who is a designer from Strate. He used to design all sort of bags for Timbuk2, so he knows a thing or two about organizing and accessing content. We are passionate about helping people being more productive. Pandora is designed with a lot of clever scaffolding to help you be care free about finding links and contents that has been shared with you in the past. Think of it as an easy to use time-machine for documents and shared content. We hope that Pandora will help people working on their laptops spend less time worrying about finding all sort of things on their computer and get them more productive about their day to day job. Looking forward to hear your thoughts, Sydney PS: Happy to hear from you, you can mention us on twitter @getpandora or simply drop a comment below I should be around here all day
Wonderful, can’t wait to use it!
@sarah_prcz Thank you Sarah
Looks super cool and easy to use! Nice job!
I am not a tech saavy person and lose so much time looking for my files. I would die for a product like this, get it out soon !