Custom packaging, made simple. 10 boxes for $10

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Hey there, Founder @Pakible here. Happy to answer any questions! Our team just launched Pakible a few days ago, which lets companies create custom product packaging, online. Brand it today, shipped to you tomorrow. Boxes & Mailers are our current packaging offerings, but we'll be adding poly bags, bottles, and a multitude of size/shape options over the next few weeks. We've worked extremely hard at making this process possible, and we've finally developed a way to let anyone create their own branded packaging. I'm happy to discuss more about our manufacturing processes for those interested. 3 person team: Dev / Hustler / Designer We started this project because my co-founder Phillip and I have personally gone through the nightmare of sourcing custom packaging. It can take up to 3 months and always involves getting on the phone/email with 20 different manufacturers before you get the ball rolling. We sought out to make it as easy as creating a T-shirt like our friends at Teespring have done. Feedback: - Hows our landing page? - What packaging / box styles would you like to see us offer? - What could we add to the page to make you more confident in trying us out? - Our goal is to make it easier for others to get their new product / brand up and running with great packaging. If that fits you, is this a service you would consider using?
@skrypt @pakible Quick questions. When we order, is the current fee ($99/$249) including printing of the boxes or what's really included? Also, do you guys print any custom shape/style of boxes? Do you guys also have bubble mailers?
Hey @afroniquely, thanks for your questions! The two different pricing options include everything up until getting at least 3 quotes from our manufacturers. This "everything", includes (but is not limited to) creating prototypes, golden samples, a courier to pick up your product, shipping cost for sending your product, current packaging to us, and sending samples to you, sourcing the quotes. Check these features in more details at It does not include the manufacturing per unit cost. We print any custom shape/style, but focus on corrugated mailer boxes. We do have bubble mailers, not publicly launched yet, at MOQs of 5000 units. If you're interested in learning more, feel free to head over to and you'll find an email address for early access to our service :)
It would be nice to know what the rate is after the first 10 boxes. It's unclear from their landing page, as they mention that the PPU for their custom boxes are $1.50+. I wouldn't pass the site along to the person who handles shipping + logistics at my company without knowing beforehand how much the actual cost after the initial promo pricing.
@stttories We're honing in our price point right now. Theres a "Custom" creation link at the bottom that you can choose higher quantities with.
Looks great for Birchbox for X startups.
@ghobs91 I had a similar thought for coupling this with Cratejoy (YC S13), though I'd consider companies built on it to be small businesses and not startups.
@ghobs91 @kicksopenminds We're looking at plugging into marketplaces like Cratejoy, Kickstarter, etc. to offer Pakible for their users / funded campaigns. Stay tuned for that.
I've seen some of these boxes in person. They're great.
@allnshn thanks =]
Great work guys! If anyone is wondering, the chat widget on this site is powered by - Nick & his team are replying to your messages using Slack. Try it out!
@gozmike we love SupportKit.