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Thanks for featuring us! I have been a part of the Product Hunt community for a while and always loved the feedback aspect so feel free to let us know your thoughts and suggestions! We think Pair is no kidding, the best decision making tool for evaluating home furnishings on the market. The whole idea is that you can get a new context, at true scale and be able to walk around the product in real time in a way that you have never been able to do before. We work really hard to make the process as easy as possible; no need to print anything out, just drag and drop with your iPhone and iPad A huge thanks to our partnerships with the manufacturers and brands you see on our platform today, without them we wouldn't have any content. Thanks also to Dwell and HGTV for featuring us recently. We have been working really hard over the past few years to refine markerless Augmented Reality and find a way to bring it to everyone worldwide. With Pair we have been able to do that and are seeing fantastic response from the community. Our computer vision team is tremendous and we are really making strides in helping computers learn how to "see" and "understand" the real world. Send us a note if you want to talk about computer vision, Augmented Reality, AI or how to use technology to make decision making easier! -Andrew
@pair3d gives consumers a new way to try home and office products before they buy, using only an iPad or iPhone in their home or office. Nice!
Product looks awesome guys. What are some real world use cases that you've seen?
@therealsajad Thanks Sajad! So far our customers fall into two categories: Consumer and Design Professional. We have several thousand interior designers and architects using it day to day to help their home and professional clients visualize their space during planning. We also have thousands of home users planning their own spaces and then purchasing the right items from the retailer. We have seen that product returns drop, and that our retail customers have higher confidence with the products that they are buying.
Looks very good, when this will come out for android?thnx
@adamhodara Thank you Adam! We are working hard on it and should have an android version later this year. You can follow us on Twitter of Facebook for all future updates. Thanks!
Just saw Pair's demo. Lets you visualize through A/R real scale furniture (it even recommends furniture depending on what you already own)?. Their technology and product really is on another level! Good Luck!