Paid for Stripe

Your Stripe dashboard at your fingertips

Glad you are enjoying Paid. We're about 95% done with 2.0, which I think will provide you with even faster access to your Stripe account. I've added 3 screenshots which show the Dashboard, multiple account support and a charge view.
@ryanscherf yussss. That's awesome to hear.
Anyone looking for an Android alternative can give Control a try, they were featured on PH yesterday:
I've been using this for a while now and its the fastest way to check up on payments and use stripe on the go. Trying to log in on mobile was awful.
Any Android version in sight?
@mathewsisson Thats probably something that won't be built by us. We are already late with our 2.0 iOS release, and don't have the bandwidth to start over on another platform. Sorry man!
@ryanscherf Bummer, would have totally paid for that.