Find embarrassing website issues before your users.

Find layout errors, spelling mistakes, slow pages, broken links and more, on multiple devices. No setup required.
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Hi Hunters! πŸŽ‰ I'm very excited to submit my first project to producthunt :) I built PageWatch to help me with a ritual that I noticed I go through every time I make a big design change, see if this sounds familiar: * Open Chrome devtools, and I use the emulate tab to check my pages in various device sizes. * Proofread a bunch of pages to look for spelling/visual issues, especially when talking about companies/brands that are not usually caught by spell check. * Click around the site to make sure the links all work * All while keeping an eye on the console for javascript errors, broken resources or slow loading pages. PageWatch is meant to automate and catch as many of these issues as possible. Do you have a website? Are you sure you don't have some broken pages / spelling errors that your users never reported? Why not double check, the first few tests are on us.
Woah, that's a nice product! Would be very beneficial for webmasters, thanks! 😊
@lpellis Woah #3 !! Congrats! You deserve it!
@itsrishavkumar Yeah really nice surprise, I was super happy just being on the front page :)
At, we benefited a ton by PageWatch giving us timely alerts about spelling mistakes, CSS issues and broken links. Highly recommended. Also, it helps that @lpellis is a gem of a person and is super passionate 😊
@ktkaushik Thanks!, glad you found it useful :)
The PageWatch tool is incredible. It actually out-performed a manual audit that a hired large agency did for one of my most recent sites. Finding mistakes and proofing our copy (Not to mention finding inconsistencies in the display of the pages) was one of the tasks that the agency was hired to carry out. They missed a ton of mistakes. Funny enough, we submitted the agency's site through PageWatch and found so many mistakes they had overlooked too. Honestly, this tool is critical to your metaphoric web-dev belt. I'm pretty sure that there would be so many silly little mistakes I wouldn't have spotted without it.
@paul_hoft Awesome, glad it was useful :)
Awesome to see this here! I used this just the other day to catch an embarassing typo in the hero section of my site.